Kazimierz district of Cracow – discover Jewish Kraków!

Tourist attractions in Kazimierz, Krakow

Tourist attractions in Kazimierz district in Krakow attract many tourists who love this city every day. However, Kazimierz is quite a specific area compared to the rest of the former capital of Poland. It has Jewish roots, and thus acquires an extremely interesting, multicultural character. Administratively, it is part of the Old Town District I, … Read more

Optional excursions in Zanzibar: Stone Town, spice plantation, Prison Island, Jozani Forest, boat trips, Nungwi village. Opinions and prices

The best optional tours in Zanzibar / Reviews and price

Zanzibar is an amazing island. A place that attracts sun-hungry tourists every year with its extraordinary beauty with its nature and charming landscapes. And no wonder – white beaches and turquoise-blue sea look live exactly like in travel agency folders. In addition, the favorable weather practically all year round gives the image of a real … Read more

Attractions of the Tri-City / Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot by the Baltic Sea / Monuments, interesting places / What is worth seeing?

Attractions of the Tri-City / Monuments, interesting places / What is worth visiting in Tri-City?

The attractions of the Tri-City include numerous monuments, interesting places and city beaches. Whether in Gdańsk, Gdynia or Sopot, there is no shortage of interesting architecture, mementos of a lush past or modern facilities where you can spend your free time. The entire area in which the Tri-City is located is extremely attractive for tourists. … Read more

Poznań – tourist attractions, monuments, interesting places / What is worth visiting?

Poznań / Tourist attractions, interesting places, monuments / What is worth seeing?

The attractions of Poznań are quite varied, we have historical buildings and interesting sacred buildings, historic architecture and modern sports facilities. The city also boasts numerous green areas where you can rest and shelter from the scorching sun. In Poznań, there are also many interesting museums, places and districts with history, as well as remains … Read more

Tourist cradle

What is the best tourist cradle? Ranking, price and opinions

A travel cradle is an indispensable gadget in a layette for a child whose parents like to travel – it is extremely comfortable for both the parent and the child, so it’s no wonder that it beats travel cots especially in the first months of life. If you, even when traveling, prefer to avoid sleeping … Read more

Frankfurt am Main – tourist attractions, interesting places / What is worth visiting?

Frankfurt am Main - tourist attractions, interesting places, monuments. What is worth visiting?

The attractions of Frankfurt am Main are a combination of historical monuments and modern architecture. Unfortunately, the city suffered a lot during World War II and most of the historic buildings were simply reconstructed here. Nevertheless, the local old town still impresses tourists. In addition, in recent decades, Frankfurt am Main has strongly focused on … Read more

Zaragoza’s attractions / What is worth seeing? Monuments, interesting places

Zaragoza / Tourist attractions, interesting places, monuments / What is worth visiting?

Zaragoza’s attractions are mainly local architecture with visible Roman and Arabic influences. It is a remnant of the former Roman and Mauritanian rule, which was victoriously seized by Catholic kings, also in the capital of Aragon. The city tempts tourists with wide, well-kept streets and vast squares, as well as numerous monuments, both sacred and … Read more

Helsinki – tourist attractions, monuments, interesting places

Helsinki - Tourist attractions, monuments, interesting places / What is worth visiting?

The attractions of Helsinki are primarily historic religious buildings and also architecture, which was mostly built under the Russian rule. For this reason, for many people, the capital of Finland strongly resembles metropolises in Russia, such as St. Petersburg. However, there are many more attractions in Helsinki. Museum enthusiasts will be extremely pleased here, as … Read more

Canary Islands / Tourist attractions, interesting places and monuments

Canary Islands tourist attractions / Interesting places and monuments / What is worth seeing and visiting?

The attractions of the Canary Islands are mainly the local nature and favorable climate. The greatest magnet of this archipelago located in the Atlantic Ocean are its varied beaches, interesting landscapes and lush vegetation. In the Canary Islands, there are also charming towns with historic architecture that still remember the colonial times. The entire archipelago … Read more

Hamburg / Live Webcams!

Attractions in Hamburg / Interesting places and monuments that are really worth seeing and visiting.

Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany and also the most important seaport in the country. An interesting fact about Hamburg is also a large number of city cameras transmitting live images to the Internet, often from places that cannot be reached normally. These cameras allow you to see what is currently happening in … Read more

Rome (and Vatican) / Live Webcams!

Colosseum in Rome

Rome is undoubtedly the most attractive city in Europe. In the Italian capital, you will find everything: historic buildings built over several thousand years, great museums with collections from around the world, many recreational areas and an endless nightlife. Unfortunately, we will not always be able to visit this wonderful city. Fortunately, Rome has many … Read more

Dublin / Live Webcams!

Dublin Bridge by Barcex

Dublin is the capital of Ireland, a country somewhat overlooked by tourists. The rumor is that the British Isles are terrible weather and constant cold, excluding sunbathing and making sightseeing difficult. This is not true – Ireland itself is warmer than most of France! Moreover, when it comes to Dublin, the city has many monuments … Read more

Bari / Live Webcam!

Prices in Italy / Fuel, accommodation, cigarettes, alcohol, beer, wine

Bari is a city in southern Italy located on the Adriatic Sea. An important industrial, commercial and cultural center, Bari is not particularly popular with foreign tourists. Does it deserve more attention? You can check it easily – by watching the city through a webcam! Webcams are city cameras transmitting live images via the Internet. … Read more

United Kingdom / Live Webcams!

Current Weather in London

After leaving the European Union, Great Britain has become a somewhat less attainable tourist destination. However, the longing for holiday travels can be partially filled with webcams transmitting live images from different parts of the country. While there are few of the most tourist-interesting cameras at the time of writing, many Brits are setting up … Read more

Berlin / Live Webcams!

Brandenburg Gate in Berlin / See what interesting places are worth seeing and visiting in Berlin

Berlin is one of the largest and most attractive cities in Europe. Its scale and modernity delight visitors, whose number does not overwhelm them thanks to the reasonable spatial management. Nevertheless, we will not always be able to see what we want most. Here, online videos that show Berlin from every possible perspective come to … Read more

Moscow / Live Webcams!

Moscow is one of the largest cities in Europe, with twelve million inhabitants being itself larger than many countries on the continent! It is also a destination underestimated by Western tourists for many reasons: historical reluctance, fear of the frosty climate (which is unjustified in summer!), Or lack of patience while waiting for visas. Nevertheless, … Read more

Madrid / Live Webcams!

Interesting places in Madrid / What places are worth seeing and visiting in Madrid?

Madrid is one of the largest cities in Europe and a popular holiday destination. It is a matter of the perfect climate of the city, but also the diversity of its tourist attractions – so we have a lot of galleries and museums devoted to every field of culture, many monuments created over hundreds of … Read more

Paris / Live Webcams!

Weather in Paris / Long term weather forecast in Paris

Ah, Paris! The city of dreams, one of the most crowded tourists in Europe, if not the world. A city of history, culture, music and fashion – on almost every corner of Paris you will find a historic building, art gallery, museum or theater! (At the same time, it should be noted that Paris is … Read more

Budapest / Live Webcams!

Budapest attractions / Monuments, interesting places and tourist attractions

Budapest, the beautiful capital of Hungary, is a city of many monuments, which largely avoided the devastation of the war, thanks to which we can still admire monuments related to the golden age of Budapest – namely the nineteenth century, but not only! Many of the city’s attractions can be seen without leaving your home, … Read more

Minsk / Live Webcams!

Church of Saints Simon and Helena. Minsk, Belarus

Minsk is a very large city and the capital of Belarus. Belarus itself is the least visited European country, for obvious reasons. Nevertheless, in Belarus, and in Minsk in particular, we can find many monuments related to the history of Belarus, very often connected with the history of Lithuania or Poland. So consider this city … Read more

Milan / Live Webcams!

What to see in Milan? Tourist attractions, interesting places and monuments

Milan is a metropolis in the north of Italy, the capital of culture, fashion and sports. With centuries of prosperity, the city boasts monuments dating back to the Middle Ages, a variety of museums, and numerous manifestations of the rich life of a modern metropolis. Like any attractive city, Milan is constantly crowded, so even … Read more

Zoo around the world / Live Webcams!

Zoos of the world/ Live Webcams!

Cameras transmitting images from the zoo are a special category of web cameras. Thanks to them, we can see what animals from all over the world are doing at a given moment. For many viewers, especially younger ones, it will be great entertainment, especially when we cannot visit the zoo on our own. Since the … Read more

International Space Station / Live webcams!

International Space Station (NASA photo) / ISS live camera online.

The most unusual webcams (i.e. cameras transmitting live view to the internet) are undoubtedly the ones that are not on Earth at all! The International Space Station (ISS for short) is probably known to you – its launch in 1998 was a great event, and due to its research and prestige, it often appears in … Read more

Japan / Live Webcams!

The land of the setting sun and blooming cherry trees is the greatest travel dream for many of us. However, a trip to Japan is a big expense, even if we choose a minimum trip with a travel agency. Thanks to modern technologies, we can, without leaving our home, see what is happening in Japan … Read more

Weather in Berlin

Long-term weather in Berlin / Weather forecast for tomorrow and 16 days for Berlin

The capital of Germany, located in the eastern part of the country, lies in a temperate climate zone. It is in vain to expect a dry season, and we can come across rainfall all year round. In winter the temperature drops below zero, in summer it can even reach over thirty degrees. The weather in … Read more

Prices in Belgium

Prices in Belgium / Food and food in shops: Beer, cigarettes, alcohol / Lunch in a restaurant for the family

Prices in Belgium are not the lowest, so visiting Belgium can turn out to be a considerable expense, especially since the prices here are calculated in euro. Even in nearby France it is cheaper. When it comes to the specific region of Belgium where it is the most expensive, it is definitely the capital, i.e. … Read more

Budapest / Tourist attractions, monuments, interesting places / What is worth seeing and visiting?

Budapest attractions / Monuments, interesting places and tourist attractions

Budapest’s attractions can delight many tourists. They are the ones that effectively attract crowds of visitors to this city. The capital of Hungary is one of the most beautiful and interesting places in Europe. Nineteenth-century buildings, Danube boulevards and traditional baths are just a fragment of what awaits tourists in Budapest. Therefore, it is not … Read more

Weather in Paris

Weather in Paris / Long term weather forecast in Paris

The capital of France is located relatively close to the sea, specifically the English Channel, which connects the North Sea with the Atlantic Ocean, thanks to which its climate is milder than its geographical height alone would suggest. Let’s check the weather in Paris and when is the best time to go there. Climate in … Read more

Barcelona / Tourist attractions, interesting places and monuments / What is worth seeing and visiting?

Tibidabo Hill

Barcelona’s attractions are the main magnet for tourists in this city. There are so many of them that even a two-week vacation may not be enough to explore them all. The list of interesting places to see in Barcelona really makes you dizzy. However, during a short trip, it’s impossible to uncheck everything. Visiting Barcelona’s … Read more

Weather in Barcelona

Weather in Barcelona / Long term weather forecast in Barcelona

The weather in Barcelona invites you to go on excursions all year round. Undoubtedly, it can be considered a great asset of this beautiful Spanish city. The multitude of monuments, the location on the Mediterranean Sea and the proximity of the Pyrenees ridge make tourists eagerly visit this city. In our article, we present the … Read more

What can you take on the plane in hand luggage?

What you can take on the plane in hand luggage

What can you take on the plane in hand luggage? This question keeps novice travelers awake at night. If you still have doubts about the first air trip ahead of you or even with several flights behind you, please read our article. Why is it worth taking care of the contents of hand luggage? Safety … Read more